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The Importance of Real Estate Video

Updated: Feb 23

Video in marketing a business has never been more needed in this digital frontier, full of stores, restaurants, independent business owners like realtors and lawyers, etc. With the ease of access to powerful technologies and video production in combination with the rise of social media, companies, and businesses are hungry to produce content. In the realm of real estate, real estate videos for homes on the market and short-form content have become increasingly popular, and in some way, we’re evolving into a video-driven economy. Today, we’ll be focusing on how videos for your real estate business will turn your viewers into clients.

What percentage of realtors use video?

1/10 of agents use any kind of video in their marketing (Page 130). Shocking, isn’t it? Here's the problem with that: more than likely the agent has yet to see the value of what video can bring to the business. Most agents are accustomed to the technology or lead generators that most of the agents in the industry use anyway. This means agents are less creative and aren't putting their client's interests above their own. Yet if you are in the marketing to use video, you can be well on your way to seeing more people ask about your home.

Did you know that realtors who use video to market their properties get 400% (4x) more inquiries? Yeah, that's a high number. Imagine the traffic/lead flow that would come from that.

Here are some more statistics and their importance:

Real estate videos drive 157% more traffic to your website, related to your site's SEO. Video is such a powerful tool to drive people's interests through the roof. While photos serve as a foundation of what you can sell, video sells what you're able to accomplish with your clients. What could you do with more clients, do more with their property, and increase your long-term success?

Sellers are 73% more likely to hire an agent who offers video as part of their marketing. Most agents will probably only offer photos, either because that's all they can "afford" or they will do the minimum effort to get your home sold. Client satisfaction should always be at the forefront of your service. If you can't perform well for your clients, the less likely they are to refer you.

And 10% of sellers agreed that their agent used their video marketing effectively. This could mean one thing: a few realtors have video as part of their marketing, but the video they got was not up to par or expected. Quality matters in video.

When you present yourself in front of new potential clients, it's most important to understand what the general population desires when buying or selling a home. Listen to the statistics, and see what you can use to your advantage.

Are real estate videos worth it? Do real estate videos work?

The short answer is of course, but why? Think of the real estate video being a guide and an emotional heartbeat for your prospects. It’s not only a smooth walkthrough to show how the home flows, but it also serves as a tour guide to keep the viewer engaged with the home. Most buyers you’ll be prospecting are not currently in your area and may not consider the property if it’s only got photos. Video is the essential piece to a greatly presented house. Imagine making a home look like it's just coming out of a Hollywood movie. Professionally edited, with good music scoring, and cool camera shots, but for the home. Bad videos have a few things: minimal editing, shaky camera movement, and music that doesn't fit the vibe of the house. If you watched a video like that, how long will it take you to click off of that video and watch something else? 5 to 10 seconds? Maybe faster? People make decisions quickly these days and if you can't impress the viewer within a few seconds, you've lost, so it won't work if you hire someone amateur.

Here's an example of what can be done with a home you're selling:

What should be included in a real estate video?

It’s quite simple: smooth footage on the ground, drone footage, with some nice music to go along with. The video must have music that goes with the home, you couldn’t just insert any song and expect it to work. This is all very subjective depending on home size, design, and staging. The goal is to keep the viewer interested, and they will come to you. It’s more personalized when you as an agent are included in the video, showing your potential clients what the home looks like. Think of it as you having your very own HGTV show. You can mention what renovations or updates have been done, the beauty of the backyard, the kitchen's massive size and design, or even what is around the house, the community, for example. Not very many agents are willing to get on camera, so consider it a marketing advantage to be the star of your market. The objective of any great real estate video is a good use of transitions, color production, and sound design.

All that considered, it is proven that video has become a powerful marketing tool that can give you the upper hand in your business.

If you’re on the edge of knowing whether or not video works,

especially on camera, admire the work of Shannon Gillette.

Shannon Gillette, a top broker in Scottsdale, Arizona proves time and time again the power of the lifestyle video approach that helps her business skyrocket. You can find her on almost all of social media platforms, content galore!

A Scottsdale superstar agent is using listing videos on every one of her properties. She recognizes the sheer importance of marketing and whatever she needs to spend on her clients, is ultimately how she helps so many win in her business. The proof is in the pudding that she has become one of the most popular agents in the country. She not only produces content for her listings but also her experience as a broker-agent. From horror stories to testimonies, she always has something new to share. Shannon stays top of mind, and you can bet she brings in a lot of business on video alone.

How about Dina Goldentayer, with her amazing luxurious, waterfront, design-focused homes, with her trademarked slogan #StepInsideWithMe.

South Florida's most popular agent, selling top-notch properties in South Beach, that are worth millions, on a regular basis. It's the reason she's the #1 Douglas Elliman agent in the country.

She is now the #1 Douglas Elliman realtor in all of the company, selling the highest-valued homes on the eastern seashore of Florida. Think Miami, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton, she dominates all those markets. She started doing videos before they got ubiquitous across all social media. The key with Dina is consistency. Consistency in the quality of her listing marketing on these premier properties that are world-class luxury. She includes herself in the introductions of her videos, highlighting the most important elements of the home, while also walking through the home. And she happens to work with the best videographer in South Florida, Legendary Productions. So if you are not spearheading your market now, someone else may take over and take your potential business. When it comes to luxury, you better impress or you will surely flop.

And who else other than Ryan Serhant? Big media star who started on Bravo, aired on "Million Dollar Listing" to now making millions upon millions, owning his brokerage, Serhant, and his production team Serhant Studios.

Ryan Serhant, a leading real estate broker in NYC that does billions in sales volume, thanks to his already groundbreaking experience, with his personable brand that has folks of many demographics attracted to his brand image.

Ryan is an example of an all-encompassing testimony of the power of video marketing. He's making money beyond just shooting listings, he's using video, to promote himself and his business on social media, to gain the attention of many loyal fans, industry partners, and clients. He's even promoting his digital courses like "Sell it Like Serhant" to help more agents succeed, around the globe. The key to his strategy is attention and promotion. Personal branding and video go hand-in-hand, and when you become part of the early stages of putting video into your marketing and getting increasingly creative with your strategy, you’re guaranteed to become more popular in your market.

These are just a few real-life examples of how video can transform your business. It's now up to you to step up to the plate and create the market takeover you've been desiring. One video at a time, and as you get better, so does your business. Why wait? Start now and you'll be on your way.

Local to Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida such as Fort Myers and Naples? Hire your real estate videographer to collaborate on your video journey!

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