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Why You Should Hire your Tampa Real Estate Photographer?

Updated: Feb 6

Whether you are just getting your skin in the game or are a veteran in the real estate industry, it is common knowledge that marketing is the most essential part of your business. When you are in charge of helping your sellers sell, you have to market yourself and the property correctly or no one will trust you. You see, some people believe that in your industry, the approach that doing cheap or paying for cheap in your marketing will yield better results. The problem is, that it is a scarcity approach. This is the approach that fails to impress and breaks trust. Unfortunately, many realtors have gone the cheap route and are paying the price, in the long-term.

But you're not alone... You have the privilege of knowing how to sell your listings at a faster rate. That only comes with hiring the right people on your side. Professionals such as inspectors, contractors, stagers, mortgage lenders, real estate lawyers, and more. On the topic of marketing, you need a marketing agency that creates incredible marketing you can use for your website and social media. You want to represent yourself well so that you can do that for your clients as well.


Let's guide you to that abundance approach with these 3 questions for hiring your Tampa real estate photographer:

Are professional real estate photos worth it? Professional real estate photos are worth it if you hire the right photographer. Hiring the right photographer is ensuring the home you list on the MLS looks as beautiful as it does in person. It is a valued asset to your business, for getting more potential buyers looking at your home, while also giving you the leverage you need to succeed at your next listing presentation. Think about not only the home you are currently selling but also the clients you can look forward to helping. It is proven that photography elevates your business to another level, building trust, authority, and expertise in your field of work. So don't skimp out on giving your business the boost it needs to accelerate your long-term success.

Note: Did you know that all marketing costs for your business, including photography are a tax write-off? You can write off how much you spent to get the photos and other related media for the house like a video, a 3D tour, a floor plan, or however else you promote yourself in the business.

What skills do you need to be a real estate photographer?

Patience, detail-oriented, and collaboration are the specific skills needed for a great real estate photographer. When you have a beautiful home that took a lot of time to prepare, freshen up, and stage, your real estate photographer should take their time to ensure every angle tells a story, creating that dream for your buyer. For every shot being taken, your real estate photographer will make sure every inch of the home is set up perfectly, by straightening out the furniture and removing unnecessary clutter. In addition, with every shot, the photographer ensures the photos will have no distortion and the walls are lined up perfectly. This will in turn give you eye-catching photos, with great contrast, brightness, and color. When you look to hire a real estate photographer, you need to be sure they understand your needs and requests that the seller has expressed to be sure everyone wins.

Why you should hire a real estate photographer?

Hiring a real estate photographer will not only boost your business, but it will positively impact your reputation in the industry. You want to hire a real estate photographer who understands your goals and desires while also bringing your listings to life. You want that listing to pop on the market, giving you the positive feedback you need to keep going. In real estate, your reputation is beyond making homes look pretty and ultimately giving the keys to the new homeowners, it’s the business that you can expect afterward. When you give your clients an incredible experience, from prospecting to closing, and you market yourself well, you have every opportunity to leverage their network to point you to your next client. Get reviews as well, as they are receipts of good experience. Every one of your client’s first impressions is made when everything not only sounds or feels good, but looks good. As a friendly reminder, don’t expect a good result from bad input. Meaning, don’t hire a cheap photographer who will yield you bad results, meaning more questions and doubts for the long term. So when you are looking for the best real estate photographer in Tampa, make sure their portfolio is proven to attract you, because that will certainly be the same for your buyers. Hire the right real estate photographer who will give you the confidence you need to succeed in this industry!

Helpful tip: This will determine whether your listing photos are effective in your current marketing strategy. Some essential metrics are on your listing: days on the market, views, and saves. Here's an example of what it looks like:


The goal here is to have many more saves than days on the market, which means you have positive feedback from potential buyers who want to take a second look at the house. And if your listing is "Likely to sell faster than 85% (or more) nearby", you can expect a closed sale very soon.

On the contrary, if the home has been sitting for months, months, or even years— yes, they are out there—you may have a marketing or pricing strategy problem. Example:


Here are two ways for you to combat that problem. First, look at the houses for sale on the market to help you gauge whether the house is overpriced. No one wants to pay for even the nicest homes even if the house is a dream. If the market doesn't support a house that expensive, neither will your clients. Second, invest in better marketing for your listing. When the home is priced right, but the photos are terrible or below average, don't expect clients to fly through to your inbox or your phone. Don't even compliment your real estate photos taken on a cell phone. Everyone can tell how much time and money it took for you to post it on Zillow. If you go the cheap route, even on a luxury home, people will know how serious or not you take their interests. So what will you do, use all your hopes and dreams, praying you get just one offer and get it over with? Or will you suit up and take over your market with brilliant marketing?

Your business is hinged on good marketing. How good is your marketing now? If you want to make your marketing better, visit our website and partner with us today!

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