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From the start, Roy Hawke based his business on God, the Rock.

Psalm 62:6 reads “He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will not be shaken.” 


“To glorify God by building meaningful connections to all that come in contact with Hawke & Rock Productions. To be a faithful steward of the gifts that are given to us, and provide nothing less than excellence.”


In order to fulfill our Purpose, we give strong attention to our Mission, within our company & with our clients. 


Innovation & improvement are the constants of our Growth.

Over the last few years, excellence, quality, and passion are what drive our business beyond the overarching cookie-cutter, redundant, boring creators who leave the industry we’re impacting, stagnant. Ever since we started, we have been on a mission to create a breakthrough in the real estate media industry, as well as personal branding, to produce results, exciting clients, and create more business relationships, in order to inspire people toward their buying decisions.

Hawke & Rock Productions key to innovation & improvement is the constant ambition and investment in providing the best service, using high-quality equipment, and most of all, employing quality people,

while creating the most aspiring projects, time after time.


Our company is dedicated to bringing the utmost satisfaction to the client, adhering to their goals and needs,

by offering the highest quality production for their prospective buyers.


We see camera work more than just capturing homes, people, and subjects.

Cameras are like our eyes, and without them, we cannot see what’s amazing, colorful, and bright.


We take this as an opportunity to communicate beauty, life, and emotion. Creating an emotional connection is central to photography, from shooting, to post-processing, to delivery. We apply a great deal towards the way we shoot real estate and branding solutions, to make viewers who see the work, feel welcomed, amazed, and enlightened. Moreover, the objective for our clients is to be the best representation of whom they're serving. Creating the best first impression allows clients to be confident in their ability to market promptly, saving time, while also maximizing their initial investment and return on it positively.

Our goal from the start is to evoke emotion through the lens of high-quality imagery backed by our careful attention to detail in how we operate with the equipment we use, the clients we serve, and the people our clients are guiding.


We strongly bind this company’s goal to do everything with a purpose to give, to love, to encourage.


Business brings a lot to the plate, which can become a stressful way of operating. In our efforts to celebrate and bring hope to our customers in a hectic schedule and lifestyle, we desire to keep in touch with our clients to assess their progress, their excitement, and their hope for the future they’re creating for themselves and their families

so that they can leave a rock solid impression with everyone they meet.


More importantly, our real estate client’s audience deals with one of the most exhilarating, yet ambivalent processes of finding a new place to call home. The season of transition is a tough, grueling, yet huge life experience. The founder understands their struggle to find a community in their places of residence, occupation & recreation. He moved across the country to California from Philadelphia in 2012, then once more, moved back to the East Coast, right here in the Tampa Bay Area.

Our H&RPS for Hearts outreach program allows for new homeowners and residents to be in communication with our founder

for any encouragement, to do life with the founder, and our hope, to plug them into a community local to their home. 


Our central values reflect our Purpose, our Promise, our Philosophy, and our Mission

to create a meaningful place to work for our team development, wherever they're at.

Serve One Another.

We believe that the value of serving others and meeting the needs of our Operators, and our Editors,

ensure they can create meaningful relationships & a healthy ecosystem for the business.

Celebrate the Wins.

We emphasize the importance of discipline and encouraging the success of our team which enables them to

collaborate and provide the best work possible. This leverages our ability to strengthen our workflow,

honoring the talents of one another, to maximize our commitment to celebrating everyone who continues to win.

Continue to Improve.

Excellence has always been our standard, which pushes us every day to find the necessary

tools & resources to push the envelope on our product, service, and outreach.

Hope for the Future.

We find hope in adapting and pursuing the way we do things, for our team, and our clients.


Hawke is the founder’s last name, & Rock, God, is who Roy knew was the only way he could build his business—plus rhyming is fun. Initially, the company was named Hawke & Rock Real Estate Media to engage a clientele of mostly real estate professionals.


Today, the company name has evolved into Hawke & Rock Productions, to serve beyond real estate, to brands that want to thrive. And for those brands, it would allow them to have a voice through the means of a camera, to communicate with whom they want to help, grow confident in their field, and become recognized experts in their communities. 


The acronym of H.A.R.P. comes from the most acclaimed instrument in the Bible, the harp, mentioned in many historical accounts. The harp allows us to understand that God is instrumental to everything we do as a company, as a people, and as a body, to, in turn, worship God at all times.

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