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The Tampa Real Estate Photography Company Presents, the H&RP Blog!

Updated: Jan 29

Hi there! Welcome to the H&RP Blog, where you'll learn more about how you can achieve great results in your business regarding marketing in real estate, your brand, and more. We want to see you turn your business, into a legacy-building phenomenon. To do that, you must have the proper education and guidance to follow through with your dreams.

In today's vast, competitive market, with many opinions and facts, the goal is to shine a light on the advantages, the flaws, and the lack of passion in the industry we serve. Not only will we provide you with numbers, and answers to your questions, but we will also show you real-life stories and examples of our work and others, to further help you understand why we're here today, and tomorrow.

More and more, every day, we see an endless problem that continues to spread throughout the real estate industry, when it comes to marketing their properties, and their brand. One, there are too many copycat companies, that offer bottom-of-the-barrel pricing, with terrible quality images, and lacking video excitement, which leaves clients not even thinking there's anything wrong with their current marketing strategy. From real agents or for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) taking photos on their cell phones posted to Zillow to inexperienced photographers picking up a camera, and shooting too quickly from angle to angle, room to room, house to house, it seems the passion and creativity are far too rare to come by. With that, comes real estate agents falling for the same old tactic, that price is just a number, and they miss out on the value and power they could be getting for a more competitive value. As we've witnessed many agents trying to produce their content, much of it is just home tours on their cell phones, without showing their faces, where it's just a voiceover. If they do show their face, usually the music is louder than their voice.

This is a snippet of what's to come with The H&RP Blog. Moving the needle forward in a saturated, uneducated, creativity-lacking industry is imperative. As cliche as it sounds, this remains true: "Don't expect a different result from doing the same thing over and over."

If there are any topics about marketing in real estate or your business, please feel free to comment on our blog posts and we will continue to show you how you can succeed amongst the many competitors you face daily.

About us, Hawke & Rock Productions is a Tampa real estate photography company in Florida, a beautiful, diverse, and booming city sitting right on the Gulf of Mexico. Or how some people like to call it, the Suncoast. From Saint Petersburg to Clearwater, Apollo Beach, Lakeland, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples, we aim to serve real estate agents, investors, architects, builders, stagers, and interior designers. We also can help businesses such as apartments, hotels, resorts, boats and yachts, commercial buildings, and more. With simple, yet powerful marketing resources, the goal is to brighten up the businesses that deserve more for their money and have the capacity to do even more down the line. Whether photography, video, 3D Matterport, or content related to growing your brand, we are passionate about giving you the best marketing material in the industry.

Let H&RP be instrumental to your growth.

Stay tuned for more content!

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