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Get Your Home Ready in 10 Steps for your Tampa Real Estate Photographer

Updated: Jan 29

Putting your home up on the market as show-ready will give you the best opportunities for more showings, more offers on the table, and ultimately, for your home to be sold. While there can be some lifting and moving your items from each room, it will be worth doing these tasks before your photographer comes in and makes your home shine. Keep in mind, 9 out of 10 homebuyers who look for their new home, say that the photos are the most important part of their experience (page 59). You have a part to play and to influence.


Here are the 10 steps of what you can do to get your home sold:

  1. CLEAN ALL SURFACES. This means floors, countertops, mirrors, windows, couches, and appliances. Even if it's not a mirror-like shine, it makes a world of difference as your property becomes a show-ready masterpiece. As if your best friends are coming over for a special occasion, implement the same routine for your cleanup.

  2. DECLUTTER. Any loose items that do not add any numerical value or design element, are to be removed and hidden, where they can be found. Here are some items you must consider removing: children's toys, pet supplies, cosmetics in the bathroom or vanity, shoes, tools, soap bottles, ladders, and throw rugs. Don't know which other items you could remove? Give us a call today so you can be sure you're ready to sell!

  3. REMOVE PERSONALIZED ITEMS. Speaking of decluttering, for the sake of cleanliness and privacy, remove all family pictures and magnets from the walls, the fridge, any of the bedrooms, or office spaces. The thing is, you have to face the reality that you will have to move out of your home. If anything, either store the pictures in the corresponding rooms or pack your picture frames in a moving box. Once you're done, you'll see how much more your space opens up.

  4. STAGE THE PROPERTY. Perhaps the most important part of your home being prepped and ready to photograph is the staging. Staging quite literally sets the stage for how the new homeowners will envision themselves living there. Gives them an idea if they have to sell and buy some new furniture provided the size of each room. With staging the home, you have a few options, one of which you may have never heard of. One, use your furniture provided the realtor approves of the look throughout the home. Your realtor may supplement your current furniture with blankets, duvets, plants, or welcome rugs. Your realtor will have a staging company to set up the property to make it look its absolute best, which is your second option. Stagers have been gifted and trained to make your home look like it came out of a magazine. They'll choose the right colors and shapes of furniture, and accessorize the tabletops nicely. Now the third option that you may have never heard of is virtual staging. If you've already moved to your new house and desire to make your home look livable, virtual staging has become a viable option. In this modern day, Photoshop and many other amazing rendering companies have mastered the look of virtual staging. The key is to hire the right photographer who knows the right virtual stager.

  5. CLOSE THE TOILET LIDS. No one, meaning no one wants to see whatever business the homeowner did in the toilet. Know your audience. Some people get grossed out, others wouldn't even bother looking at the bathroom if the toilet seat is up on Zillow. Once you've cleaned your bathrooms, even before the shoot, close the toilet lid.

  6. HIDE THE TRASH CANS. Nothing is flattering about seeing your trash. Trash is disgusting. Why bother even having any sighting of the trash cans in the photos? The easiest spot to place trash cans is in the garage, or the middle of your side yard. Don't have either of those? Roll them down or across the street where it would be out of sight, out of mind for the photographer.

  7. PARK YOUR CARS IN THE GARAGE OR DOWN THE STREET. Unless it's a luxurious or sports car, meant to stage or add a lifestyle element to the home, keep your car in your garage. If you ended up storing too much in the garage due to moving, park your car down the street, or run some errands for the day.

  8. NO PETS, NO PICTURES. We love your cute dogs or cats, but they aren't meant to stay at home for the day. Your photographer could have a busy schedule in front of them for the day, and having pets could mean the difference between a quick shoot and a longer one.

  9. OPEN THE BLINDS, TURN ON THE LIGHTS, & THE FANS OFF. Opening up the blinds gives the rooms much more ambient light, making it a faster shooting process for the photographer. Additionally, you will be able to see the photos capture the view toward the outside. Whether it's your backyard, your next-door neighbor, or your driveway, you'll see it clean and clear. If you have those barn-designed window blinds, open them straight to see the outside. When you turn up the light switches, be sure to make sure that while the lights are on, none of them are out or flickering. Having inconsistent lighting can be troublesome in the shooting process. Make a trip to your local hardware store to find your matching light bulbs. If any fans are on, turn them off. While motion blur may have its place in other forms of photography, real estate is the exception.

  10. SCHEDULE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY APPOINTMENT. Contact your realtor once all of these tasks have been completed to schedule your appointment for photos. Your realtor will contact your Tampa real estate photographer to make your home look like a dream for the new homeowner. These photos are guaranteed to impress more people on all of the MLS in your area, from Tampa to Saint Petersburg, to Sarasota to the entire United States.

When marketing your home, trust the photographers who've had plenty of experience in making each photo look amazing. They will be able to tell a story with each image while giving you the ability to be proud of the home you built. Check out this project we recently completed in Naples, Florida so you can get some inspiration on how to get your home ready to sell.

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